Quipo on Film

Two weeks ago, I bought a film camera from someone I met online. I’ve always wanted to shoot with film but I constantly push the idea aside because I am too busy with other things. (Apparently, having a handful of hobbies is no joke, but that is a different story).

So going back, the lucky one is a Vivitar IC100, a point-and-shoot plastic camera with fixed focus, shutter speed, and aperture. I didn’t really check the specifications before buying it because all I have in mind is that I. want. a. fricking. film. camera.

I was so excited to try it that I went straight to the jungles of Hidalgo to get some fresh film rolls right after the meeting with the seller. I picked up some Fujicolor C200 as it is the cheapest film that I could find in the area. Sure, there are films way cheaper than that being sold online but I badly want to test the new camera. I am a total newbie in this film thing so excuse me for the generic terminologies.

I arrived in Hidalgo around four in the afternoon; spent thirty minutes looking for a place to buy the films (sadly there are only 2 to 3 shops selling them nowadays); and another thirty to figure out how to load it in the camera (thank you, WikiHow!). See, I knew nothing about how the thing works; that also explains why a huge portion of the film was…huhuhu…exposed.

I consumed the first roll within twenty-four hours and had it processed the following day. Hidalgo is too far from our house so I went to Fujifilm in SM Megamall instead. Good thing the staff was nice enough to help me rewind and unload the film out of the camera, because again, I don’t know how to. It has cost me around 350 bucks for the processing and digitizing two films (one was from a disposable Fujifilm QuickSnap that I used during one of our family event earlier this month); and for the DVD where they’ll save the soft copies.

Anyway, here are some decent shots from the first batch of film rolls…


THE Quiapo Church.


An old lady selling plastic bags.


This one is my favorite shot because…RiteMED rules.


Trying out symmetry in one of the wings of Quiapo underpass.


Just another no-brainer shot.


One of the many partially exposed photos.


Me sitting on the jeepney’s passenger seat on my way home.


And this is the view from my room. Taken around 5:30 AM, the next day.

Awesome, right? I am not going to review the camera but man, I love it! I couldn’t wait to compose many quirky and atypical photographs with it using other types of film together with my sporadic artistic juice. It is very light, and cheap, and easy to use, too; I couldn’t ask for more. (Well, uh, maybe I’d like a couple of expired films).

Okay then, until the next film roll has been processed, scanned, developed, or whatever.


  • C200 films are twenty pesos cheaper in Fujifilm Megamall than in most shops in Hidalgo.
  • If you decide to have your films processed in Hidalgo, on a Sunday, come early as the shops close down past 4 PM; you’d get your films back the next day.
  • Average waiting time for the film processing in Fujifilm SM Megamall is two hours.

Feel free to ask me if you have questions and I will try my best to reply as soon as I can. 🙂

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